The Morning Newspapers - 25 January 2007

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AD/Haagsche Courant, Graver Penalties for Drinking and Driving

AD/Haagsche Courant

Graver Penalties for Drinking and Driving

Drivers caught for the second time driving with too much alcohol in their blood will immediately loose driving license. Now that the State Council seems to be enthusiastic about the new draft law, it will probably be presented in the Second Chamber of Parliament in a matter of weeks.

Julien C. Points at Two Suspects

The murder of Jesse Dingemans was in reality nothing but an attempt of two other men to settle their accounts, said Julien C., a witness in the case. The criminals made a mistake and killed the wrong victim, Julien C. claimed in his testimony.

de Volkskrant

Childcare Waiting Lists Problem Solved

The problem of waiting lists in childcare has been solved. Children on such lists will have to wait for a maximum of nine weeks now. The maximum waiting period was approved by State Secretary of Health Clèmence Ross in March last year.


Gorgeous Schools

The school building of the Sportcampus Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht is one of the eight nominees for the School Building Prize (Scholenbouwprijs) 2007. Two winners will be announced this afternoon, including a school with the most beautiful natural light and the most original design.


The front page of the is empty today, with just one word on it: (ssst.). That is a link to the cover story devoted to the Poetry Day  (Gedichtendag) titled “Poetry Relieves from Thinking”.

23-Year-Old Cabaretier Threatened

Ewout Jansen, a young comedian (cabaretier), aged 23, has received death threats from a group of Muslims. Jansen had reportedly used Muslims among the subjects of his jokes. According to Folia, Amsterdam University newspaper, the threats have been voiced by the Amsterdam Assiena Mosque spokesperson.

Nederlands Dagblad

Floods Caused by Rivers

If we want to keep our feet dry we had better pay more attention to the water streaming in from the large rivers rather than the rising sea level, a UN reputable climate report says.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Siemens Charged Enormous Fines for Price Deals

The European Commission charged the German corporate group Siemens a heavy penalty of 417 million euros. The electronics manufacturer is accused of illegal price deals.

Pampered at Amsterdam Central Station

The Dutch railroad company NS opens a lounge for first class travellers today. The step is aimed at attracting more business clients.

De Telegraaf

Defence Ministry Goes Intimate

The Dutch Defence Ministry is currently conducting a survey among the partners of the military personnel. Among other things, the latter are reportedly being questioned on the intimate details of their love life. 

Snowstorm Complains

Dutch travellers to France, Germany and the Alps experienced serious difficulties due to the heavy snowfall yesterday. 

De Pers

Medical Examiners Blind to Murder Cases

Some murder cases are not recognized due to the ignorance of medical examiners, experts are alarmed. Many medical examiners are not properly trained to detect whether the person was murdered. “Some medical examiners don’t follow the subject’s history and don’t even undress the body”', Kees Das, chairman of the Medical Forensic Association, said.

Lawyers Allowed to Fight for Clients

Lawyers are allowed to advertise more aggressively to attract clients. They now have the green light to draw clients over from their colleagues.

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