The Hague launches musical logo

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The musical logo which plays rock, classical, dance and Middle Eastern-influenced music is part of a city-wide campaign to make summer tourists feel welcome.

30 May 2008

THE HAGUE - The Hague has become the first city in the world with its own musical logo. The audio logo for The Hague was revealed to the public for the first time on 28 May during the City Marketing Conference by Deputy Mayor Frits Huffnagel (City Marketing) and the composer himself.

The musical logo was composed by Robert Jan Stips, known for his work with the Dutch band The Nits (‘In the Dutch Mountains’). He said he was inspired by the city’s logo, the kite designed by Anton Corbijn.

The musical logo has a number of versions, including a rock version, classical version, dance version and a version inspired by Middle Eastern music. ‘I thought about the kite and I transposed that image into sound,’ Stips explained.

‘Be my guest!’ campaign
The Municipality of The Hague and 15 private and semi-public organisations also pledged on Wednesday that they would join forces to make The Hague a more welcoming city.

The ‘Be my guest!’ campaign is intended to make all visitors to The Hague feel more welcome.

The service sector, including restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, institutes of higher education and public transportation, will work together to improve their hospitality and offer more English-language services.

The sector will receive a ‘Be my guest!’ handbook with tips and up-to-date information for tourists. Customers can post their comments about service in The Hague on a new website,

During the summer months, three teams of ‘City Hosts’ will be posted at Central Station and Hollands Spoor and in Scheveningen with information and flyers about the best spots in the city. Tourists will be able to recognise them easily by their brightly decorated bakfiets (delivery bicycle).

Taxi drivers who have proven their hospitality will be given a quality mark. The first new signpost in a series was unveiled Wednesday outside of the Circustheatre. The black and gold signposts will be updated and also placed in Kijkduin and Scheveningen. A number of electronic information points will be created throughout the city.

Sales staff in shops will be trained to provide customer-friendly and professional service and a mini information office will be set up in the department stores.

City greeters
In addition, The Hague will be the first city in The Netherlands to have ‘greeters’: local volunteers who are prepared to give tourists a free tour of the city and show them their favourite spots.

Greeters are already hugely popular in cities such as Chicago, New York, Adelaide, Buenos Aires, Toronto and Paris.

The Hague will also work to make the city better accessible to people with a physical handicap, including the blind, seeing impaired and deaf.

A new booklet ‘Open Den Haag’ and website provide information on the accessibility of restaurants, tourist attractions and theatres. A unique pilot project for Europe will also be launched with Smartline, enabling the visually impaired to get information through their mobile phone and GPS in order to visit The Hague on their own.

According to Mayor Jozias van Aartsen: ‘We are proud of The Hague. That’s why every resident should become a city ambassador. Then visitors will come back again. That’s good for the economy and, as we say in Dutch, good for the bottom line.’

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