The Dutch throw away ten million slices of bread a day

The Dutch throw away ten million slices of bread a day

23rd January 2013, Comments 6 comments

The Dutch throw away one out of every five slices of bread they buy each day, which amounts to around ten million slices, according to new research.

And of all the pasta and rice bought, two out of five packets end up in the rubbish bin.

The figures come from the environmental information organisation Milieu Centraal, which analysed waste food in 2010 by ripping open rubbish bags and sorting through their contents.

The Dutch throw away ten million slices of bread a dayAdjusting the waste food found with sales figures, the organisation came to the conclusion that 14% of all the food bought is thrown away unused.

Apart from bread, the most-wasted items are rice (38%), pasta (23%) and potatoes (23%). 'This is mainly because people cannot estimate how much rice and pasta they need as it swells in the saucepan,' a spokesman said.

Per year, Dutch households waste 800 million kilos of food, the report said.


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  • carrico posted:

    on 23rd January 2013, 15:18:32 - Reply

    So how do other nations fare, as it were? Maybe if the Dutch stopped shopping daily (...slices they buy each day), there'd be less waste. Bet they don't waste their beer/wine.
  • melloncoli

    on 23rd January 2013, 13:35:19 - Reply

    Actually, as consumers we end up paying over and over for the same stuff. (Edible) waste goes to those multiple-storied condos (where pigs NEVER see daylight, soil or indeed a real life), housing 100s/1000s of pigs which which in turn come back to us in the form of meat, bacon etc. I pass through a V
  • Joe Bloe posted:

    on 23rd January 2013, 12:34:05 - Reply

    You need to weigh rice and pasta