The Dog Ate My Scenework

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The international cast of The Dog Ate My Scenework performs live improv comedy shows in English. Check them out at the Crea Theater in Amsterdam!

When the clock strikes midnight at the Crea Theater, The Dog My Scenework will present you in English their idea of what laughter and comedy means. It´s Amsterdam´s new improv sensation!

Improv is short for improvisation comedy theatre, based on audience suggestions.

The Dog Ate My Scenework are the new kids on Amsterdam´s improv block. The eight cast members from all over the world (England, Greece, India, The Netherlands) will take you wherever your suggestions point, will transform themselves into whatever you desire, create new worlds on the spot and make you laugh till you drop.


Dates: 30 mei, 6 juni (2008)
LocationCrea Theater (Muziekzaal)
Address: Turfdraagsterpad 17, Amsterdam
Start: 00.00 uur
Duration: plm. 45 minuten
Ticket: € 4,-
Discount ticket: € 2,- (if you saw an easyLaughs show earlier that night)
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