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27th July 2007, Comments 0 comments

The wage administration data of many businesses lost during the transition of tasks from the CWI to the tax authorities.

27 July 2007

THE HAGUE – The tax authorities will have consultations with employers, market players and software suppliers in an attempt to limit the administrative burden to a minimum. they want the system in place when companies next submit wage administration data.

The reason is the recovery operation that needs to be carried out now that the wage data for 2006 has largely been lost due to computerisation problems that arose during the transition of tasks from the Centre for Work and Income (CWI) to the tax authorities.

Employers will need to submit their data again in September. To their regret they will not be compensated financially for their efforts. "To compensate for the inconvenience, the tax authorities will do more to effectively reduce the administrative burden, by being more open to the practical problems the business sector is facing," the tax authorities said on Thursday..

It is not yet clear how many employers still need to submit data. The companies will be informed in mid August. As the correct wage data is missing, the tax authorities cannot grant the definitive care and housing benefits to large groups of taxpayers. Information is also needed to pay back the income-dependent health premiums which have been retained.


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