Tax office to appoint 1,600 new inspectors

17th July 2013, Comments 2 comments

The tax office has begun a drive to recruit 1,600 new tax officials to crack down on tax evasion and ensure outstanding bills are paid.

Thousands of jobs have gone at the tax office over the past few years because of government cutbacks. Creating the new jobs was included in the coalition agreement.

The job losses have led to further losses for the treasury because the department does not have enough staff to do the work. Finance ministry research showed tax debts of up to €1,500 for individuals and €5,000 for companies were often not collected, Nos television said.

The new inspectors are expected to raise at least an extra €265m for the treasury this year, rising to €660m in several years time.


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  • elly posted:

    on 17th July 2013, 15:15:24 - Reply

    Hi Evlsi,

    The trick in this country is that you are supposed to pay up to 52% tax, but, most of the refunds you are supposed to be able to get are either hard to get or non-existent, so in the end you paid all the tax and get no relief.
    But, i read somewhere that you can get all (!) your tax back if you make sure you leave the netherlands every year right before 6months lapsed, because then you will be allowed to have all your income taxes in your own country (instead of netherlands). If your home tax is much lower, it means you will be paying a lot less. You might even consider having a permanent 7months holiday in Bulgaria (tax rate is 10% :) ) and go work in the netherlands each year for only 5 months, without legally paying any tax. They call it the 183 days rule. It is valid in all EU. It is perfect for people on a 6months consultant contract. Why bother work all year and give 52% tax, if you can get away legally by working 6months and not have to pay any tax at all :)
  • evlsi posted:

    on 17th July 2013, 13:22:23 - Reply

    Dutch tax office is swift in charging people but never pays back what it owes to people, want an example? I bought an Apple product as a gift here in the NL which was subjected to 121 Euros sales tax of which I was entitled to receive back 77 Euros because the item was being taken out of the so called "european union". I got the receipt and the "blue forms", took it to the Schiphol, got the stamp at the customs, but at the end, they told me due to a 2 Euro miscalculation I was only entitled to get 75 Euro back not 77. My stress to receive 75 Euro right then didn't work. They said all papers shall be sent to the "dutch tax authorities" and I would for sure get my 75 Euro in 5 weeks. It is now 5 months and I didn't receive a penny back yet! [Edited by moderator]