TBS detainee embroiled in mosque fight

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6 April 2005, AMSTERDAM — A young man on leave from a secure psychiatric hospital was involved in a violent brawl outside a mosque in Venray during the weekend, it was reported on Wednesday.

6 April 2005

AMSTERDAM — A young man on leave from a secure psychiatric hospital was involved in a violent brawl outside a mosque in Venray during the weekend, it was reported on Wednesday.

Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner was aware of the fact the detainee was involved in the fight, but failed to inform MPs of this when discussing the violence in the Dutch Parliament on Tuesday, RTL television news has reported.

Donner did tell MPs that police and the national security service AIVD are investigating the rise of right-wing Dutch youth gangs. Municipal councils are also to crackdown on hardcore groups to prevent an escalation of violence.

Alarm has been sparked recently about the rapid radicalisation of native Dutch youths, who often identify themselves by wearing Lonsdale-brand clothing. They have been linked with attacks and harassment of people perceived as immigrants and asylum seekers. 

But the parties Labour PvdA, Socialist SP, Green-left and Minister Donner's own Christian Democrat CDA are now demanding why he failed to mention that one of the Venray suspects had previously been sentenced to TBS psychiatric detention with compulsory treatment. 

In his defence, Justice Ministry spokesman Ivo Hommes said the debate was not only focused on the incident in Venray, but about extreme right-wing Dutch youths in general.

He said MPs also debated the recent arson attack at an Islamic school in Uden. As the discussion did not solely focus on Venray, Donner did not think it necessary to discuss the criminal past of one of the suspects.

PvdA MP Aleid Wolfsen has since said "it can never be the intention that someone with TBS with compulsory treatment can loiter in the company of radical and violent right-wing groups during leave". He also said it was an important fact that should be thoroughly investigated.

According to RTL, the youth was convicted for a serious violent crime and is one of the three suspects arrested on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the brawl in the Limburg town of Venray. The youth has not been named by the police.

Teens dressed in Lonsdale clothing were involved in a violent confrontation with members of the Turkish community in Venray on Saturday. It began when windows of a local mosque were smashed and one person was injured in the ensuing riot.

Venray Council discussed the riot on Tuesday night, deciding that special nightlife events may be banned if they are judged to pose a heightened risk to public order.

The decision came after Donner said right-wing violence was no longer incidental, but had become a concerning systematic pattern of behaviour.

Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk intends to meet with Venray Mayor Jos Waals, hardcore native Dutch youths and immigrants on 14 April to discuss the situation.

Meanwhile, the renewed concern over TBS detainees on leave comes after a 13-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped by a psychiatric escapee last May. He was sentenced to 10 years jail and renewed TBS by Zutphen Court on 15 March.

In response to the crime, Donner — who survived a no confidence motion in parliament over the matter — imposed restrictions on the probationary release system afforded to inmates of TBS detention centres.

But Donner was forced to act again in March when political pressure was applied in response to the murder of a 54-year-old man, allegedly committed by a criminal who had been sentenced 10 days earlier to conditional TBS detention for another offence.

Donner subsequently promised that psychiatrically disturbed criminals will no longer remain in the community while awaiting treatment. He also intends to compel all forensic-psychiatric institutes to admit criminals sentenced to TBS psychiatric detention.

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