Suspension of Amsterdam chief rabbi verging on Fascism

23rd January 2012, Comments 0 comments

“Verging on Fascism” is how a US committee characterised the suspension of Chief Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag by the Amsterdam orthodox Jewish community.

The committee drafted the statement on homosexuality which prompted Chief Rabbi Ralbag’s suspension. The statement rejects homosexuality as a lifestyle and says behaviour is ‘changeable.’ In an email to national daily de Volkskrant, spokesperson Susie Rosenbluth of The Committee for the Declaration On the Torah Approach To Homosexuality writes that "even in these times of political correctness run amuck, the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion are considered holy both in Israel and in the United States."

The Committee says it’s shocking that in the Netherlands a religious leader should be denied the right to speak out on centuries-old religious truths. The US Committee says it is not clear which Jews the Amsterdam orthodox Jewish community NIHS represents as it is formally part of the orthodox movement. Ms Rosenbluth writes that this makes it impossible for NIHS to refer to the

New Jersey Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, one of the signatories to the Declaration says he knows what motivated the peculiar reaction of the Amsterdam orthodox Jewish community:

NIHS Chair Ronnie Eisenmann says he regards these statements as proof that the signature of an Amsterdam chief rabbi under a declaration of this type of group is misplaced. There is now not much hope of a quick resolution of the dispute. Chief Rabbi Ralbag was scheduled to meet with the NIHS in Amsterdam on Sunday evening but reportedly postponed his visit by several weeks for security reasons.


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