Supermarkets offer more bargain meat deals, despite agreements

7th January 2015, Comments 0 comments

Supermarkets are continuing to compete with cut price meat deals, despite pledges to sell ‘fairly-produced meat for a fair price,’ according to animal rights campaign group Wakker Dier.

The number of bargain meat deals offered by supermarkets rose 19 percent last year, contravening the agreement made with the government, the foundation says.

Wakker Deal considers meat to fall in the kiloknaller (kilo killer-deal) category if it costs less than EUR 4.12 a kilo – the average price of cat food.

The organisation has been monitoring kiloknaller deals at the country’s biggest eight supermarket groups since 2011.

In 2013 there were 266 bargains on offer, and this rose to 316 in 2014. Supermarket groups C1000 and Emté are the worst offenders for meat, while Albert Heijn and C1000 are most likely to offer cheap deals for chicken.

The organisation also noted a downturn in special offers of organic and other special label meat products.


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