Super Tuesday: Who’s won what so far?

Super Tuesday: Who’s won what so far?

6th February 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Democratic race is as tight as predicted. Clinton wins over Obama in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Also doing well, Obama pulls off a number of states, including Missouri.


Hillary Clinton
477 delegates, 8 states
Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, California

Barack Obama
451delegates, 13 states
Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, Alabama, Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Missouri


2,025 delegates needed for nomination.


Mike Huckabee
112 delegates, 4 states
West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia


John McCain
461 delegates, 9 states,
Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, California

Mitt Romney
151 delegates, 6 states
Massachusetts, Utah, Georgia, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado

1191 delegates needed for nomination.


[Delegate totals are latest Super Tuesday projections.]


Expatica readers'  predictions

Out of the 330 Expatica readers who filled in our 1-minute poll yesterday, 88.3% predicted that MCain would surge ahead for the Republican nomination.

For the Democrats, 55% predicted that Obama would win most states followed by 44% predicting that Clinton would come out stronger. 


Inviting readers to comment further:

Were your predictions 'off" or 'on' and what do you think of the outcome so far?

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The battle's not over yet

As the Washingtonpost reports this morning:

"Results ensure fierce contest for delegates will continue into critical primaries in Texas and Ohio on 4 March, and possibly beyond.

"McCain surges closer to the nomination, but fails to deliver knock out blow to rivals, who deprive him of victories across GOP strongholds."


Expatica will publish a full analysis of the results later on today.

 In the meantime, visit Expatica's news channel to get more details of the recent voting battles:

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6 February 2008 

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