Summer road works lead to twice the jams

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The Dutch authorities have admitted that there are likely to be twice the usual traffic jams this summer due to road works.

The Traffic Information Service VID is warning Dutch motorists that between June and September that they will be queuing for a grand total of 800,000 hours.

Patrick Potgraven of the VID says: “There are a large number of projects besides the routine maintenance. The work between Woerden and Gouda will be particularly spectacular.” Part of the road is being widened from three to four lanes, but will be reduced to two during the work.

The VID reckons that the average Dutch motorist sits stationary in jams for about four hours each year. “Some never get caught up in jams,” explains Mr Potgraven, “but others find themselves held up more or less regularly.”

Motorists are being advised not to be caught out by summer traffic jams by, for example, always having water in the car. Mr Potgraven again: “Each year, people suffer dehydration in their cars waiting in jams caused by road works. In extreme cases, the fire service hands out water."



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