Subsidy for electric scooters in Rotterdam

11th May 2011, Comments 3 comments

Rotterdam Council is planning to offer a subsidy to people who are scrapping their petrol-driven motor scooters and buying electric ones instead.

The hope is that 4,000 of the environmentally unfriendly machines will be swapped for their less polluting electric equivalents over the next few years. Councillors hope that the subsidy will not only lead to less air pollution but also less noise nuisance in the city.

The province of Limburg already gives a subsidy of 700 euros to people buying electric scooters. The idea is that the money compensates them for the higher cost of electric scooters compared to their petrol-driven counterparts.

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  • wesley-nl posted:

    on 12th May 2011, 10:47:45 - Reply

    Crikey, those electric ones are incredibly expensive! Best to stick to petrol driven ones I think...
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    on 12th May 2011, 09:59:28 - Reply

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  • yosoycarlos posted:

    on 11th May 2011, 11:21:19 - Reply

    I am ready … I am looking at a scooter, but do not like the noise and the pollution of the little devils! … Where do I get my 700 euro, and I will buy an electric one! Perhaps at the same time, you should punish (tickets) the people polluting or beautiful bike paths with their oily over the speed limit and noisy scooters!
    C Ruiz … write to me at: