Students take advantage of online food delivery

16th October 2009, Comments 0 comments

A technical bug on Just-Eat website allowed students to get away with paying as little as one euro cent for their orders.

Utrecht – Hundreds of students in Groningen, Utrecht and Breukelen have been enjoying takeaway food that cost as little as one euro cent by taking advantage of a loophole in an online food delivery’s payment system, reports De Telegraaf.

The students are believed to have found a technical error on Just-Eat’s website that allows them to change the amount payable after their orders have been placed. As such, in recent months, students have changing the final amount to as little as one euro cent.

Just-Eat is one of the major online ordering websites in the Netherlands and has 1,500 participating restaurants. In 2008, there were more than EUR 10 million worth of food ordered through the website.

The Director of Just-Eat Laurens Groenendijk said as much as EUR 30,000 worth of pizzas, sushi, and kebab have been ordered by these students. 

The company is working on trying to fix the bug on the online payment system. Until then, students continue to abuse the technical flaw, said Groenendijk as another one-cent payment was made recently.

However, the director said he is determined to have all the students who have misused the system pay back the real cost of the food. 


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