Strong cannabis prohibited from coffeeshops

7th October 2011, Comments 1 comment

Dutch police will now patrol coffeeshops to monitor the sale of cannabis with high levels of the psychoactive substance THC. The move comes after the cabinet agreed Friday to consider marijuana with THC levels over 15 percent as a hard drug.

According to Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten, the police will occasionally take weed samples and have them tested at the Dutch Forensic Institute. He stressed that the responsibility lies with coffeeshops to monitor the levels of THC in the products they sell.

In a statement released Friday, the government said it wants to reduce the consumption and production of strong cannabis. The drug’s listing under the Dutch Opium Act, however, will remain unchanged.

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  • sagemasta posted:

    on 10th October 2011, 01:28:12 - Reply

    there is a thing called harm reduction and making people smoke or consume more cannabis to get to the desired effect is not reducing any harm and the fact that most people mix tobacco with there cannabis in Holland only compounds the problem. the strongest cannabis in the world is no more harmful than the weakest nobody has ever died from it .......lets water down hard alcohol to save people from themselves....C'mon holland lets get back to reality......................