Spring 2012 already under way

2nd January 2012, Comments 0 comments

The spring of 2012 has already begun, with flowers and shrubs such as witch hazel and celandine in full bloom, a nature group says.

With temperatures expected to remain well above usual averages for a while, other early spring plants are likely to sprout too, Arnold van Vliet of De Natuurkalender says. In 2011, the so-called early spring started 20 days before the usual date.

The past summer was the second-earliest on record, while the autumn started two weeks later than usual. In addition, the past year saw extreme weather conditions, with exceptionally dry periods alternating with exceptionally wet ones, according to meteorologists. Because of the climate change, animals and plants are said to be displaying unusual behaviour too.

The early onset of the spring is bad news for allergy patients, who are likely to notice the pollens secreted by the budding alders and witch hazels.

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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