Some skating races called off due to partial thaw

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The rise in temperature on Wednesday meant some outdoor skating events could not go ahead as the ice was no longer deep enough.

THE NETHERLANDS – Like much of Europe, the Netherlands is in the grip of a prolonged cold snap, unusual after many years of mild wet winters.

As shallow lakes, ponds and ditches in the Netherlands have iced over, the Dutch have been allowed to indulge in a national passion for skating outdoors.

However, the cold weather has also been producing problems on the roads. On Wednesday morning, black ice caused accidents on roads to and from the major conurbations around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. No one was hurt although cars were damaged.

Later in the day, some areas experienced a temporary thaw. Motoring organisations said many people left work early, or had taken the day off to make use of the ice and go skating.

However, the KNMI national weather centre warns that wet roads could re-freeze and become dangerously slippery again.

Unfortunately, the partial thaw meant some outdoor skating events could not go ahead. Three of the five long-distance skating races planned for Wednesday were cancelled. One of them, in Blokzijl in the centre of the Netherlands, started in the morning, only to be called off in the afternoon. The ice was no longer thick enough and a number of contestants fell through it into the water.

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