Skating fever cost the country 82 million euros

6th February 2009, Comments 4 comments

About 13,000 skaters were treated at hospital accident and emergency departments during the recent cold snap.

January's fortnight of severe cold weather saw the many shallow lakes and ponds in the Netherlands freeze over, and the country was gripped by skating fever. Many people took the opportunity to skate in the great outdoors for the first time in years.

The Consumer Safety Foundation says that during a normal mild winter, when people are unable to skate outdoors, only around 700 skaters end up needing hospital treatment. This year, the time the injured skaters took off work and the treatment they received has cost the country about 82 million euros. Many skaters suffered broken wrists, and nearly 60 percent of the injured skaters were over 40 years old.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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  • Mary the poster posted:

    on 6th February 2009, 12:05:53 - Reply

    hey Voodoo doll, look at the statistic- its simply not possible to have 6K for fractured wrist - the article is misinformingin order to be shocking!!!Though I do see your point that the money could have been used for seriously sick. Did not think of that...
    No need of name calling though - by the way if the " sheep" had gone to Greenland and Russia there would have been even more cost on foreign treatment and transport back ( taken from medical and travel insurance!!) ... not to mention the loss of euros invested in other countries' financially speaking better keep them here......

    Have a nice day
  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 6th February 2009, 11:52:10 - Reply

    They should feel quilty, there were warnings that it was not safe! Skate indoors. I pay too much for insurance for people to act like idiots sorry but that money could be going to a lot more people who need it, the waiting list, the shortages and Mary the poster thinks it's okay to just go have a bit of fun!!! Mary, why not have fun safely and not cost the taxpayers a load of cash. In additon all the medical attention given to the idot skaters could again been saving lives whom deserved it.
    What a bunch of idiots.... So thats what give Nederlanders a hard on, skating on the open air ice lol... The sheep rebel against saftey warnings so they can skate out doors ohhhh ahhh. I think the sheep should have gone on holiday and do iceskate in Greenland or Russia outdoors. I pesonally want my taxes going to peopel whom deserve it.
  • Mary posted:

    on 6th February 2009, 11:41:34 - Reply

    My question is - is it possible to have average of EUR 6,308 per person on hospital costs for broken wrists. Moreover this money are paid from the people's insurance contributions. Can one put a cost on having fun and good time.
    The way the artickle is written makes people feel guilty for enjoying themselves.
    Last year I have contributed to the "country" EUR 1,500 in terms of medical insurance and I did not fall sick even once. Please deduct this amount from the official statistics as I want to donate this to the ENJOYING LIFE fund