Sharp increase in student visa applications

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23 August 2005, AMSTERDAM — The number of people wanting to study in the Netherlands has grown sharply in recent months.

23 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — The number of people wanting to study in the Netherlands has grown sharply in recent months.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) said on Tuesday that it received 4,000 requests for an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) between 1 May and 15 August. That is about 700 more requests than last year, a rise of 20 percent.

Most of the applications this year were submitted by Dutch education institutes on behalf of students from China, Indonesia and Russia.

"Almost all requests this year were fully processed within two weeks of receipt," the IND said in a statement.

Non-EU citizens* wishing to studying in the Netherlands must obtain an MVV and a regular residence permit. A regular MVV application can take three months to process. There is a further wait while the residence permit application is submitted to the IND, via the local municipal office.

Following complaints, the IND introduced a special department (bureau verkorte procedure) to speed the up the system.

The new procedure applies to the processing of applications submitted by businesses and colleges that regularly seek to bring  foreign workers, students or interns into the Netherlands. 

In exchange for the shorter processing time, colleges and other educational institutions must ensure the foreign student has all the required paperwork.

Several municipalities will be part of a pilot scheme from September to speed up the issuing of residence permits to students. IND staff will be  posted to the municipal offices to evaluate permit applications as they are submitted.

* The IND's statement says that all foreigners wishing to study in the Netherlands require a MVV. The IND's website correctly states that European Union citizens don't require a MVV to study in the Netherlands. But the site erroneously gives the impression that German citizens require an MVV.

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