Sexual abuse cases among children in care double

11th June 2013, Comments 0 comments

The number of cases of sexual abuse among children in care has doubled in a year, according to the authority responsible for inspecting council care services.

Last year the inspectorate received 67 complaints of sexual abuse, compared with 33 in 2011.

In nearly half of the cases, the abuse was carried out among the children themselves. The rest involved parents, foster parents and care providers, says the inspectorate in a report published on Tuesday.

Extra attention

The increase in complaints may be accounted for by the increased attention for sexual abuse. Around 20% of the complaints in 2012 took place in earlier years.

When suicide, criminal behaviour and accidents are added to sexual abuse, there was a total of 130 cases in 2012, compared with 94 a year earlier.

According to the inspectorate, Jeugdzorg, the organisation responsible for children in care, lacks the professionalism and courage to deal with these cases.


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