'Sex is chemical explosion in the brain'

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The sexual thermostat is located in the brain. When stimulated it triggers a chemical explosion which sets all kinds of processes in motion. A faulty thermostat leads to sexual problems or even sexually deviant behaviour.

These statements were made by scientists at the symposium which was held in Nijmegen on Friday, the first such symposium ever held in the Netherlands.

Erogenous zone Sexologist and organiser Paul Rabsztyn of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre says the most important erogenous zone is located in the brain.

The sexologist says a person’s sexual behaviour is already determined in the womb, even though the environment in which they grow up also plays a role.

Paedophiles Scientists argue that it is really important to find out more about human sexual impulses, because that could lead to better treatments for criminal sexual behaviour. German Professor Tillmann Krüger from Hannover says he has found evidence suggesting that paedophiles have lower levels of a certain chemical in the brain compared to other people.

Janniko Georgiadis from the University of Groningen has examined a number of couples who agreed to gratify each other in an MRI scanner under the professor’s supervision.

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