Seminar for expats on buying a house in the Netherlands

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Home ownership can actually be cheaper than renting for many expats. But the procedure can be confusing. A seminar in Amsterdam on 8 November lays down the guidelines on housebuying in the Netherlands.

International staff can pay very large sums of money in rent and are sometimes unaware that they too can buy their own home, with all the advantages that can bring.


Those who do take the plunge often find the monthly mortgage payment is below the rent they have been paying. More than that, buyers have more choice about where they live and the market at the moment is very buyer-friendly.


To help bridge the information gap, Expat Mortgages, Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency, Buma/Algera Civil Law notaries and Koppel Tax Consultants are organising a seminar about buying a house for expats. The meeting will take place on 8 November, in restaurant HEAT, Arnold Schönberglaan 9, (the Zuidas business park) Amsterdam.


Admission is free but the number of places is limited to 40. To sign up, please visit;


The four speakers will each give a presentation of 15 minutes, leaving plenty of time for questions. The main language of the evening is English.


The program:

19.00: Welcome drink and snacks.

19.15: The mortgage expert will outline the rules for borrowing, what you can buy and what the monthly costs will be.

19.30: The estate agent will explain how the house hunting process works in the Netherlands and she will explain why hiring an estate agent can save you money.

19.45: The notary, specialized on the highly diverse property market, will explain the legal aspects of buying a home in the Netherlands.

20.00: The tax consultant will illustrate the fiscal advantages to buying your own home and the implications of the 30% ruling.

20.15: General forum and question and answer session with the four experts.

20.45: Informal q&a session with the four experts.


For further information, please contact any of the organisers:


Henk Jansen Expat Mortgages

Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency

Buma Algera Civil Law Notaries

Koppel Tax Consultants

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