Secondary students slog at final exams

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More than 100,000 higher level secondary school pupils began their final exams today. Some 105,000 lower vocational students will start tomorrow.

Education Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt gave the official starting signal by opening an envelope with art examination papers at a school in the town of Hilversum. Before that, she was up bright and early to present the ‘final examinations news’ on public radio channel 3FM. The minister urged final exam pupils to share experiences on Twitter.

Dutch secondary schools streamline their pupils at entrance level and further after the first or second year. The higher level consists of HAVO, a higher vocational level and VWO, a preparatory level for university. The 59,000 HAVO students kicked off with two subjects - art and management studies exams - while the 41,000 VWO pupils began with Dutch.

For the 24th year running, the National Secondary Student Action Committee Landelijk Actie Komitee Scholieren has opened a hotline dealing with complaints. Last year, it received a record number of 93,000 complaints, compared to 88,000 in 2009. For the third year in a row, the Final Exam Foundation Stichting Eindexamlijn has also a hotline for pupils’ grievances. Last year, it dealt with some 4,000 final exam gripes.

The exams for the HAVO and VWO students will last until 31 May, the VMBO students will be finished a little earlier on 27 May. The first exam results will be published more than two weeks after that. Dutch pupils who pass their exams traditionally hang up their school bag on the pole of the Dutch flag.

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