Scary clown Halloween poster angers parents

21st October 2014, Comments 0 comments

Some parents in Zoetermeer are calling on the local shopkeepers association to remove posters for a Halloween parade featuring a scary clown with an evil grin because he is frightening their children.

Local broadcaster Omroep West says parents are complaining the poster has given their offspring nightmares. ‘They are frightening and not suitable for small children,’ one mother said.

The shopkeepers are unmoved.

They say the posters are aimed at adults. ‘You can’t protect children against everything,’ Wim Blansjaar, chairman of the shopkeepers association said. ‘Life is not always great and it is up to parents to explain that.’

Not all children are frightened, however. ‘I’m not scared. I think it is a weirdo,’ one five year old girl told Omroep West.

The shopkeepers have, however, removed the poster from the underground car parks in the city centre. ‘We’ve had another, slightly more friendly version printed for there,’ Blansjaar said.



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