Saliva test against drugs and driving

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Dutch police will be using a saliva test from 2012 to check whether drivers are under the influence of drugs.

On Thursday, Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings are due to present new legislation allowing saliva tests as a way of clamping down on motorists using drugs, the AD newspaper reports.

Like with alcohol, there will be a maximum limit of drugs allowed in the blood of motorists. In practice, this would mean that a few puffs from a joint are too much, says the newspaper.

The saliva test cannot measure the exact amount of drugs used, so when motorists are caught out under the influence of drugs while driving they will have to do an additional blood test to determine this. Punishment will be based on the outcome of this test.

Dutch parliament has been calling for stricter measures against drugs and driving for years. The ministers hope the new law will reduce the number of road traffic victims.   However, according to the AD, it is unknown how many people are killed every year as a result of drug abuse by motorists. Police statistics indicate that in the southern Tilburg district, 20 percent of motorists injured in traffic accidents are under the influence of drugs.



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