Sale of Jewish houses earned millions in WWII

20th November 2008, Comments 3 comments

Dutch estate agents sold over 20,000 Jewish properties seized by the Germans during World War II.

20 November 2008

AMSTERDAM - New research reveals that Dutch estate agents earned millions of guilders during World War II from the sale of houses belonging to deported Jews.

Eric Slot, writing in the history magazine Historisch Nieuwsblad, says the estate agents sold more than 20,000 Jewish properties seized by the Germans. He also writes that many buyers used the purchases to legalise money earned from collaboration with the occupying German forces.

When the war ended and the original Jewish owners, or their surviving relatives, returned to the Netherlands, they experienced great difficulty in reclaiming their property.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • SURFe1 posted:

    on 26th November 2008, 13:47:17 - Reply

    It wasn't just real estate that the Dutch looted from the Jews.Art jewellery and anything else that they could lay their grubby hands on.
    After the war they came out with these bull shit stories about the sacrifices that they made to help the Jews.
  • SURFe1 posted:

    on 22nd November 2008, 09:02:38 - Reply

    The Dutch made lots of money out of Jewish misery,pretending to help them.
    Now they are using Anna Frank to make more money from her merory.A digusting and despicable lot the Dutch.
  • SURFe1 posted:

    on 22nd November 2008, 08:58:12 - Reply

    Trust the Fucking Dutch to make money from whereever
    they can bloody assholes