Saab to cooperate with BMW

27th September 2010, Comments 0 comments


Car manufacturer Spyker has confirmed that the company is talking to BMW about possible cooperation. “Once agreement has been reached, we will give the details, ” said a spokesperson for Spyker.

Earlier today, Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported it had been told by sources that Saab – which was taken over by Spyker – is going to use BMW technology. Saab wants to concentrate on building smaller cars with help from BMW. Cooperation between the two companies on the project will last for a number of years.

On the Dutch stock market, the value of Spyker shares shoot up after the news broke. Spyker shares are now 60 percent higher. The trade in shares has increased tenfold.

Earlier this year, General Motors, sold Swedish firm Saab to the small Dutch racing car firm Spyker owned by Victor Muller. Saab is currently running at a loss, but hopes to get out of the red in 2012.  



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