Rotterdam saves millions in benefit fraud

23rd March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Last year the city of Rotterdam tracked down more than six million euros in benefit fraud. Alderman for Social Affairs Dominic Schrijer says in addition 426 benefit claims have been rejected and benefits have been cut in 292 cases, saving another five million per year. More than last year.

In a letter to the city's councillors, Mr Schrijer wrote that the savings are higher this year that last year. In all, the Social Services caught 825 fraudsters. In most cases, people had failed to inform the authorities about income from work. But there were also cases in which people had not informed social services that they were cohabiting.

Last year, Rotterdam turned down 3800 requests for benefits. More than 3000 people on benefits were fined for failing to meet agreements or giving false information.

In 2009, the port city traced 4 million euros in benefit fraud. Another four million was saved by ending benefits to 335 other people.

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