Rotterdam hospital recalls 800 for infection tests

22nd May 2009, Comments 1 comment

These patients may have been examined by endoscopes which were not properly sterilised.

Rotterdam – A Rotterdam hospital is recalling nearly 800 patients who may have been infected with the HIV virus and hepatitis B and C while undergoing an internal examination at the hospital.

The Maasstad Hospital may have used endoscopes which were not properly sterilised to examine the patients between 16 October 2008 and 20 May 2009.

The matter came to light when the equipment used to sterilise the endoscopes was found to be faulty during routine maintenance. The hospital said the chance of patients having been infected is extremely small but cannot be ruled out entirely.

An endoscope is a tube used for viewing inside the body, and may be used to investigate organs ranging from the stomach and intestines to the liver or lungs.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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    My 52% tax rate goes contributes to these standards, someone poke my eyes out with a pencil please I can't hardly belive my eyes read this story.