Religion expected to disappear from NL

22nd March 2011, Comments 2 comments

US researchers say religion will not continue to exist for much longer in the Netherlands. The scientists base their conclusions on statistical research. They argue that 40 percent of the Dutch population takes no interest in religion and this group will only continue to grow.

The researchers examined statistical data covering the past 100 years in Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Out of this group, the Czech Republic currently has the largest group of non-religious people: about 60 percent.

The decline of religion is mainly attributed to social causes. The decreasing numbers of believers make it increasingly less attractive to belong to that group.  


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  • bob posted:

    on 23rd March 2011, 09:23:20 - Reply

    Joe - I think what you said is true over the next few years, however Islam lags a few hundred years behind Christianity historically, and I think the rate of change/progress of science and its impact on society is such that Islamic belief will start to erode amongst more learned people. Society is modernising quickly in the Arab world (which is the mainstay of Islamic adherence), and I think the current trend will be reversed over the next 2-3 generations.
    I look forward to the time when the vast majority of humanity will realise that we are born, live, and die and that's it!
  • Joe posted:

    on 22nd March 2011, 12:41:49 - Reply

    "Religion"? I think the article should read "Christianity" is disappearing because Islam certainly isn't. It's growing.