Radio station angry at reception problems

10th August 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dutch commercial radio station Q-music wants a quick solution to the poor FM reception in parts of the south and west of the Netherlands.

Many radio stations are transmitting at greatly reduced power on the orders of the mast administrator NOVEC. The state-owned company wants to first establish the cause of the fires on 15 July at Lopik, and in the north of the country at Hoogersmilde, where the mast collapsed due to the intense heat.

Q-music is the most seriously affected commercial broadcaster. Its General Manager Peter Bossaert wants a quick solution to the situation at Lopik. “It’s irresponsible to let such problems drag on for three weeks or longer. In six years we have only been off the air for six minutes at one of our 13 stations in the Netherlands. And now we’re confronted by the fact that our most important transmitter has been running at low power for three weeks.” On Tuesday it was announced that Q-music, together with other radio stations, is preparing a claim for damages.

Also on Tuesday, public broadcaster NOS sent out a Twitter message asking if people have switched to a different radio station because of reception problems. 55 responses were received. Almost half of them said they have switched stations because of reception issues. 20 respondents said they had not changed station, and 10 said they have turned off the radio and switched to a CD or MP3 player.

The seriousness of the reception problems is expected to have a significant effect on the market shares of the different stations. The figures for June/July 2011 will be published on 1 September, but it’s the figures for July/August, published at the end of September, that are most keenly awaited as they will demonstrate the full impact.

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