Radio Netherlands Worldwide broadcasts in Libya

7th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Radio Netherlands Worldwide RNW is broadcasting an Arabic-language radio programme this evening through the Libyan radio stations Voice of Free Libya and Radio Misurata. Libyan residents will share their experiences with rest of the Arab world.

RNW transmits the radio show ‘Huna Amsterdam’ translated: “This is Amsterdam” across the Arab region via satellite, internet and media partners. In Libya, the programme is broadcast by Voice of Free Libya, which before the revolt was called Radio Benghazi and operated under the control of the government. Benghazi is Libya’s second city and is currently held by the demonstrators. Furthermore, the programme will also be broadcast by Radio Misurata, a local FM station located in the town of Misurata, 200 km from the capital Tripoli.

The studios of Voice of Free Libya and Radio Misurata were destroyed during the riots destroyed so the journalists cannot make any more programmes themselves. “Fortunately, their transmitters are still intact and they can broadcast on mediumwave across Libya and on FM in Misurata,” says RNW Editor-in-Chief Rik Rensen.

“Especially in these crisis situations, radio is crucial. So we understand from our contacts in the city of Misurata, they are deprived of information about what is happening in the rest of Libya. Our radio programmes can bring a change to that isolation,” says Rik Rensen.

The Arabic-language radio show can be heard this evening at 1730 UTC via satellite, and media partners.

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