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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

6 May 2008

Music lovers instead of liberation supporters
It was Liberation Day yesterday - on 5 May 1945, allied forces liberated The Netherlands from Nazi Germany - and several papers carry photos from some of the events.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende lit the freedom torch in Rotterdam in the morning and old soldiers who had fought to liberate the lowlands took part in a parade in Wageningen.

But as the headline on De Telegraaf's front page notes, "Liberation Day is a pop concert". Trouw comes to the same conclusion as its populist competitor, writing that "most people didn't come to celebrate liberation, they came for the music".

More than 200 bands played on 40 different sound stages spread across the country and at least 750,000 people attended the free pop concerts. According to one person interviewed by Trouw, "I just came to lie in the sun and listen to the music".
Young people think war and hunger will persist
 De Volkskrant reports that the majority of young people in the Netherlands are pessimistic about the chances of a world without war and hunger.

According to a poll conducted by a Dutch TV current affairs programme, 55 percent do not believe it is possible to stop all the wars and 42 percent do not think it is possible to prevent hunger.

The respondents were divided on whether or not the war in Afghanistan is justifiable and more than 50 percent did not want their partner to be deployed to Afghanistan.
Interestingly enough, the poll also revealed that while 57 percent said they would be prepared to donate a portion of their pocket money or wages to help solve the current world food shortages, just 34 percent said they would be prepared to forego a luxury item in order to prevent hunger.

De Telegraaf also picked up the story and summed it up fairly bluntly: "Young people don't believe that they have to do anything to help solve world hunger".
Sunshine helps make elderly happy
Trouw reports that a new study by the Free University Medical Centre in Amsterdam has discovered that elderly people who spend time in the sun have less chance of becoming depressed than those who sit home in the dark.

Exposure to sunlight increases the amount of vitamin D in the blood and it appears that the vitamin reduces the chance of depression.

The researchers found that those suffering from depression had 14 percent less vitamin D in their blood than those who were 'happy'.

About 13 percent of people between the ages of 55 and 85 suffer from depression. AD also covers the story and reports that it's not necessary to lie in the sun. Walking, cycling or doing the shopping is sufficient.
Arrival of the creepy crawlies
De Telegraaf has alarming news for people who do not like small scuttling beasties or flying stinging things.

The Expertise Centre for Insect Plagues says that complaints usually start arriving in June but that it has already received complaints about ants, wasps and bees.

The paper writes that exterminators are expecting an extremely busy summer as it was an exceptionally mild winter and many insects survived.

Most people have been rejoicing in the warm weather that we've been having these last few days but according to one exterminator, 'When it stops raining and the sun shines, the ant population explodes".

[Radio Netherlands / Jacqueline Carver / Expatica]

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