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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

10 June 2008

Surprising victory over Italy
The lead in today's papers is as well can be expected the Netherlands' surprising 3-0 victory over Italy on Monday, during the Dutch national team's first game in the European Championships.

As de Volkskrant points out, the last time the Netherlands beat Italy was in 1978. It was also the third time in history that the Netherlands defeated Italy in the European Championships.

The mass-circulation newspaper De Telegraaf opens with an orange-coloured heading: “Oranje Bellissimo!!”

"What a dream game! Such heroes! All of Europe saw how the Dutch team won a shining 3-0 victory over the Italian world champions. Bellissimo, Oranje!"

The paper writes that no one had even dreamed of such a result. The Dutch team had been plagued by injuries and missed many of its star players such as Ryan Babel, Arjen Robben and Mario Melchiot. "What hopes did they have against Italy, the super-favourite?"
AD writes that hundreds of Dutch fans who had paid around EUR 1,000 for a ticket were duped. Many remained at home, while others travelled to Bern hoping to obtain a ticket on the black market.

The paper reports that the travel agencies were not to blame, since they did not receive the tickets from the suppliers. Two firms are going to court to claim EUR 2 million in losses.

AD reports that the chaos on the ticket market is a result of an enormous demand for tickets for matches which are played in small stadiums. De Telegraaf reports that some people paid between EUR 2,500 and 3,500 for a ticket.
Swiss rob football fans blind
De Telegraaf reports that "Dutch football fans in Bern feel they are being hoodwinked everywhere they turn." Besides the problems with the tickets, football fans find themselves paying inflated prices for just about everything.

"For the simplest room, which usually doesn't even go for EUR 80, the price has jumped more than fivefold." A cup of coffee costs EUR 3.50 and an ice cream cone with two scoops goes for EUR 5.
Bus drivers asked to end strike
De Volkskrant reports that a court will rule on a demand by three Dutch provinces and Rover - the organisation which represent the users of Dutch public transport - that bus drivers end a strike which is entering its tenth day on Tuesday

Bus drivers, who want a better collective labour agreement have been holding a series of strikes since April. The provinces and the passengers' organisation say pupils and the elderly, especially those who live in the countryside, have no alternative means of transport, are at a "disproportionate disadvantage".
Arguments from the Qur'an
The free newspaper De Pers writes that the women's chapter of Milli Gorus, a Turkish Muslim organisation, agrees with the Dutch Turkish imam Bahaeddin Budak, who was dismissed from his post as instructor of Islamic studies at Inholland College last week.

The instructor had written on his website about the options available to a 17-year-old girl of Turkish origin who had been raped by her cousin.

Imam Budak began by writing that as a woman she should not have been alone in the same room with a man. He then said she had three choices: She could report it to the police, tell someone outside her family, or forgive her cousin and remain silent.

The headmaster of the school, Geert Dales, fired the imam. He said his advice "was not in accordance with Dutch law and culture […] Rape is a serious offence and Budak should have insisted that it be reported."

However, the secretary of the women's league of Milli Gorus, Canan Uyar, says "It was a suitable advice. What would Inholland College have said if the girl was rejected by her family, was forced to marry her cousin, or was murdered? As a Muslim woman I fully support his recommendations... It is incomprehensible that the school authorities fire an instructor for answering a question with arguments from the Qur'an."
Say "no" to temptation, men
The Netherlands Nutrition Centre is broadcasting a series of television ads against the beer belly. De Telegraaf writes that "The centre hopes that its new campaign, specially directed at couch-sitting football-watching men, will help men resist the temptation of beer, potato chips, snacks and hot dogs."

It is the first time the Netherlands Nutrition Centre has specifically targeted men.

The latest figures show that 51 percent of Dutch men are overweight as compared to 40 percent of Dutch women.

The campaign's slogan is "A strong man can sometimes say 'no' to temptation."
Wrong-way driver afraid of dentist
AD reports that traffic police fined a 74-year-old man on Monday morning for driving along the A73 highway against the traffic. They say the man had to go to the dentist and this made him so nervous he didn't even realise his mistake.
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