RNW Press Review - Thursday, 24 April 2008

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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

24 April 2008

Sun cancer on the rise
"Skin cancer becoming an epidemic" screams the AD's headline. Doctors are barely able to keep up with the patients streaming to their clinics.

A dermatologist warns that the number of skin cancer patients is set to double over the next few years. "The Dutch bake themselves by the pool in Spain, while the Spanish stay indoors. People use too little cream and children are left unprotected in the full glare of the sun," he tells us.

Under an inside-page headline, "Wrinkles a bigger worry than cancer", the paper goes on to report that sunbeds are also a danger and that there are strict European rules on tanning shops. Owners are required not to serve people under 18 or those with the wrong skin types, and must not use strong bulbs.

The authorities are going to increase checks this summer and fine those in breach of the rules. "From July, we're increasing the pressure. The fines will double with a second offence," says a spokesperson.

Handcuffs for train guards
De Volkskrant reports that train guards will get handcuffs. Dutch Rail (NS) apparently wants to create 'elite units' of guards who would be issued with handcuffs and truncheons, and be allowed to search people who have no tickets.

A spokesman explains: "We are holding talks with the justice ministry to see if our service and safety teams could be allowed a broader use of force."

Dutch Rail hopes to launch a three-month trial, without the use of truncheons, around Amsterdam and Zwolle (in the centre of the Netherlands).

Queen opens bio-energy plant
The AD features a picture of Queen Beatrix pouring what at first glance looks like gold from a tall glass vase. It is in fact wood waste: she was opening a bio-energy plant in Alkmaar (to the north of Amsterdam) which uses household waste. The plant should produce enough power to provide 60,000 households with electricity and 30,000 homes with heating.

Chinese immigrants won’t be kept in custody
Today's papers report that Deputy Justice Minister Nebahat Albayrak survived a motion of no-confidence yesterday in parliament.

Nearly 800 illegal Chinese immigrants surfaced in March, claiming asylum. Apparently, a rumour had been circulating that an amnesty was on offer. Their applications are still being processed, but already 300 claimants have disappeared and gone back underground.

MPs on the right wanted the claimants to be kept in custody, but Albayak said this was illegal. De Volkskrant quotes conservative VVD MP Henk Kamp as saying: "If you can detain them after their requests are denied, you can detain them before."

According to Trouw, a Christian Democrat MP called it "a purely political motion". "What an exaggerated reaction. What a show," he fumes.

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