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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

17 July 2008

Alarming climate change
A couple of papers pick up on a yet to be published Dutch research indicating that the rate of climate change in the Netherlands and the rest of Western Europe is higher than that in the rest of the world.

The AD reports the alarming idea that we could have to deal with temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

The paper quotes Dutch national weather centre's Cees Molenaars as saying: "One part of the report does deal with the warming throughout Western Europe, which is two times that elsewhere".

However, the paper says the meteorologist believes there is no reason to panic in the short term.

Mega- shopping mall in Tilburg not welcome
nrc.next covers plans to build a mega-shopping centre in Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. The city's council says it will bring prosperity to the region.

However, the neighbouring cities of Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Helmond disagree. Even a Tilburg resident has his doubts: "In countries like Canada, you have to drive 200 kilometres to a shopping centre. This'd make sense there. Here, it'll probably mean lots of window shopping and no real sales," he says, probably referring to the Dutch national trait of thriftiness.

In what appears to be a growing rift with Tilburg, the neighbouring councils are refusing to join a committee overseeing inquiries into the possible effects of the megamall.

The project chief explains the other cities were invited to take part because "we wanted to operate as transparently as possible".

Tilburg's mayor is criticising his neighbours for being "narrow-minded and defensive".

Dutch otter doing well now
De Volkskrant reports that the "typically Dutch water predator", the otter, is doing well in the Netherlands following the animal's reintroduction in 2002.

The paper says a shock went through the country with the news that the Netherlands' last wild otter had been run over by a car in 1988. Ironically, the government had just introduced an initiative to protect the aquatic mammal.

The good news is that there are now at least 35 adult otters estimated to be living in nature reserves in the east of the country. The estimates are based on samples of DNA taken from droppings which are compared to the DNA of otters previously released into the wild.

One local naturalist explains: "For every female, you can add at least one young".

Use mobile toilets at Nijmegen March
Trouw, tells us that the organisers of the Four-Day Nijmegen March have provided more than 700 mobile toilets along the route of the walking marathon.

A sponsor is pessimistic: "It's never enough," he explains, "and they've got to be cleaned. Not everyone is prepared to wait for a free toilet."

The paper, however, warns marathon walkers caught short not to head for the woods for relief. The warning is nicely summed up in the article's headline, "On-the-spot 90-euro fine for taking a leak".

Titillating lingerie in court
De Telegraaf plumps for a large photo of two lady lawyers, robes open to reveal their titillating underwear.

The legal duo, together with a fully-clothed male colleague, are defending a lingerie manufacturer in a case of alleged plagiarism. Designer Marlies Dekkers says her designs were used without consent.

However, on an inside page, the paper reveals another side to the case. The designer is also accusing the company of harming the position of women by treating them as simple "objects of lust".

Her lawyer points out that the designer's "designs, photographs and fashion shows" have always shown women as "defiant, active and powerful".

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