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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

5 May 2008

Commemorating Dutch victims of WWII
Today's Dutch papers all feature stories on the 4 May commemoration of the Dutch victims of WWII and other conflicts, and the 5 May celebration of the country's liberation by allied forces in 1945.

De Telegraaf has a picture on its front page of Queen Beatrix and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander laying a wreath at the national monument on Amsterdam's Dam Square.

Defence chief General Peter van Uhm, who recently lost his son in a roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan, also attended the ceremony.

Trouw has a picture of Dutch war veterans attending a ceremony at a military cemetery in the town of Loenen. According to the paper, the 4 May commemoration draws a larger crowd each year.

One of the speakers was army bishop Jos Punt, who said that "We can understand that conflicts occur elsewhere, but can no longer imagine something like that happening here".

He added that: "Peace is not something you inherit from your ancestors. Peace can slip through your fingers because of a chain of unexpected events".

Algemeen Dagblad has a photo of a young boy sitting at the wheel of a WWII jeep in the centre of the town of Amstelveen. The jeep was one of around 40 old army vehicles put on display by the Keep Them Rolling organisation, which is dedicated to preserving WWII military artefacts.

The vehicles will today pass through Amstelveen and the surrounding areas as part of the 5 May liberation celebrations.

Christian Democrats and Labour party take a dip in popularity
De Telegraaf reports that former Integration Minister Rita Verdonk's new political movement Proud of the Netherlands and the progressive liberal D66 party are continuing their rise in the opinion polls.

If elections were to be held today, Proud of the Netherlands would now take 25 seats in the 150-seat parliament, making it the second largest party. The previous poll showed it would take 23 seats.  

D66 would win 13 seats, the same number currently held by the conservative VVD.

As might be expected, the two main coalition parties - the Christian Democrats and the Labour party - have suffered a serious loss of support according to the opinion polls.

The Christian Democrats would win 32 seats compared to the 41 they have today, while Labour would drop from 33 to 19. The Christian Union is the only coalition party that would increase its number of seats, going from six to seven.

According to the opinion polls, the Socialist Party would win 16 seats, Geert Wilders' Freedom Party 11 and the GreenLeft 10.

Record number of malpractice suits
Algemeen Dagblad reports that a record number of cases were submitted to medical disciplinary committees in 2007.

The number of allegations of professional misconduct filed against doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical personnel has risen to a record number of 1441, a 10 percent increase compared to 2006.

Three quarters of complaints were filed against doctors, followed by nurses and dentists.

The complaints vary from a wrong diagnosis leading to a patient's death to excessively large dentures. The medical disciplinary committees impose sanctions on medical staff in slightly under half of the cases submitted to them. The sanction usually consists of a warning, the lightest measure possible.

In 2007, 16 medical workers were barred from practising medicine, seven permanently and nine temporarily.

In his annual report, Chairman of the Central Medical Disciplinary Committee Rudolf Torrenga writes that "disciplinary rules are intended to achieve quality improvement, not to exact retribution for suffering caused."

A recent study shows that each year an average of 1,735 patients die as the result of medical mistakes, while 30,000 patients sustain permanent damage.

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