Queens Christmas message accents solidarity with others

25th December 2010, Comments 1 comment


In her Christmas message, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has called on people to show solidarity with others in society. She said we should try to find a good balance between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Fear and suspicion could be vanquished if people adopted a social perspective.

She urged people to involve each other in solving problems and stressed that we all belong to a single society in which every individual needs to feel safe. The danger exists that what we have in common is ignored while differences and contrasts are exaggerated.

We should be ready to recognise our own prejudices and consider the consequences of our behaviour for others and for society as a whole. Her majesty said we should treat others the way we’d like them to treat us.


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  • A simple guy.. but not Dutch posted:

    on 26th December 2010, 00:09:10 - Reply

    I have lived in many countries and continents in the world during the last 20 years.. now in the Netherlands for almost 3 years.. to be honest although there are a lot of good things here in the Netherlands, it’s also the first place where I am reminded on a daily basis with the fact that I am not one of them... That I need to forget everything I have learnt and all my experiences and cultural values (because they are wrong - NOT DUTCH) and start learning and doing only based on the Dutch way of life...
    I really don’t understand this...
    it is my upbringing, knowledge, experience and education that I have acquired during my life that have made me the person I am today.. that same person that the Dutch government considers as a Highly Skilled Knowledge migrant to work, share my knowledge, experience and to benefit their country...How am I suppose to forget who I am and just think Dutch when who I am is what allowed made me this highly skilled Knowledge migrant (as per Dutch standards)...
    I think people here need to look very hard at themselves in the mirror, learn and be open to the world and understand that there are many ways and values to live.. perhaps the Dutch can also learn from other cultures and experiences.. different is not always bad, it’s just another perspective that when adapted right can also increase the quality of their life