Queen calls time out in Dutch coalition confusion

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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has named Tjeenk Willink as the new ‘informateur’, the mediator who oversees the initial part of the coalition-forming process.

There have now been two failed attempts at forming a new Dutch coalition and the vice president of the Council of State will be the sixth person to try to facilitate successful coalition talks

He has been asked to conduct a very short round of consultations with parliamentary political leaders and report back to the queen on the situation and what steps should now be taken.

The move follows the confused situation which arose on Tuesday when MPs were debating what they thought was the failed attempt at forming a right-wing coalition. This aimed at a minority government of the conservative VVD and the Christian Democrats CDA with support in parliament from the anti-Islam Freedom Party PVV.

PVV leader Geert Wilders broke off the coalition talks on Friday, saying he doubted the minority government would have the support of enough CDA MPs. However, the CDA’s deputy leader Ab Klink, who had come out against working with the PVV, shocked the Dutch political world on Monday by resigning.

On Tuesday, Mr Wilders said the minority government talks could continue, now that Mr Klink was out of the way. MPs were shocked and angry at the ensuing confusion, saying that, among other things, the queen had been misinformed.


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