Purple plus coalition talks ready to start

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In his final report to Queen Beatrix, coalition advisor Herman Tjeenk Willink says a "purple plus" cabinet consisting of the VVD, Labour, D66 and Green Left does the best possible justice to the outcome of the general election.

With a right-wing cabinet comprising the VVD, the Christian Democrats and Geert Wilders' Freedom Party already ruled out, the "purple plus" alternative consists of parties representing a collective electoral gain of 16 seats. All the other combinations wihich have been suggested represent an overall loss of seats.

Queen Beatrix has now asked Uri Rosenthal and Jacques Wallage to "investigate the swift formation of a cabinet consisting of the VVD, the Labour Party, Democrats 66 and Green Left."

Uri Rosenthal is a senator for the VVD and was the queen's coalition advisor prior to Mr Tjeenk Willink. Jacques Wallage is a Labour Party member and Mayor of Groningen and in 1998 was involved as advisor in the creation of the Netherlands' second "purple" coalition government combining the "blue" of the conservative VVD with the "red" of the centre-left labour Party.

As recommended by Senator Rosenthal in his report to the queen, the coalition talks are now headed by one VVD and one Labour advisor.

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