Public Prosecution requests Wilders' acquittal

26th May 2011, Comments 7 comments

The Public Prosecution Office has once again requested an acquittal for Geert Wilders on all charges against him. The charges include insulting a group, inciting hatred and inciting discrimination on the grounds of religion and race.

The Public Prosecution argues that Mr Wilders' comments may be experienced as insulting by certain groups but they are directed at Islam as a religion and not at Muslims as people. The PPO also argued that many of the comments were made in political debates. Although the office did say his call to ban the Qur'an is on the edge of what is permissible.

The PPO made the same request at the first trial of Wilders in October, shortly before the defence lawyer Bram Moszkowicz accused the judges of bias. As a result, the judges were replaced and a retrial had to be called.

The Public Prosecution was reluctant to bring the case against Geert Wilders to trial but was ordered to by an Amsterdam court. The retrial began in February. The first weeks of the retrial have been dominated by the question whether or not to try the controversial politician for his anti-Islam rhetoric. The judges however have ruled that the trial go ahead, dismissing Moszkowicz's claims the trial in unfair.

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7 Comments To This Article

  • Canucky Woman posted:

    on 31st May 2011, 14:40:29 - Reply

    He does have a right to speak his mind. However, so does everybody else, even those who disagree with him, without Wilders or you getting "outraged" and trying to shut them up.

    Funny, despite what I read here (with the exception of Henk) I wouldn't go as far to say that ALL non-Muslims are loud bigoted scaredy cats with bad hair dye. So why would assume all Muslims are out to kill you and take over your society?
  • Corry posted:

    on 27th May 2011, 17:20:40 - Reply

    Hats off to Geert from Canada! I truly cannot believe the ignorance of people. If only people would actually listen to what he is saying with an educated mind. He should NOT be condemmed for his opinon and his right to free speech. He is fighting to keep NL as a distinct society and not having it turned into a Islamic extremist one. This in turn protects the people and their culture. There should be more people standing up as Geert has done and not continuing to be sheep.
  • Linda posted:

    on 27th May 2011, 10:56:50 - Reply

    Hank : when you say "anyone who secures a government job " ( because of secular versus religious ) I hope you don't have Wilders in mind. The man is a blessing to any country that is being imposed upon by immigrants (or anyone else ) who's culture totally clashes with democratic culture. That conflict is becoming more and more of a problem all over Europe. By asking these invaders to put aside their fanatic beliefs and lifestyle and integrate into societies of the free world is not asking too much That's what Wilders is doing, and he shouldn't be condemmed for it . He's fighting for freedom. If you had your right to speak out against a religion taken away from you--you'd CHANGE YOUR TUNE fast ! He's a great example of courage and his critics are jealous because they are too wimpish to ever do what he's doing.
  • Henk posted:

    on 27th May 2011, 04:48:15 - Reply

    Love the reaction Linda sent in.
    Cannot belief the ignorance displayed
    Seculair versus religous is a very old concept and anybody that uses this concept to secure a government job like Mr. Wilders,is exploiting the
    inteligence of the voters.
    Yust want to make the points:
    1- would not like to meet Linda ( as per above message)
    2- keep,if possible, mr. Wilders contained in Holland !
  • Eve Brown posted:

    on 26th May 2011, 15:02:03 - Reply

    Geert Wilders is a hero and he stands up to people , for whom defending "religion of peace" means killing anyone who disagrees with them. We need more Geerts to survive..
  • mancas posted:

    on 26th May 2011, 12:05:24 - Reply

    here here linda!

    this is NOT about what he said, but rather whether or not he has a right to speak his mind.... if he insults muslims, they are not obliged to listen to or vote for him!
  • Linda posted:

    on 26th May 2011, 10:21:19 - Reply

    the world should be tunned into this trial, because this autrocity towards Wilders is an atrocity towards all of us. . Like Wilders or not ,it is wrong enough so the average citizen can understand that the right to freedom is on the line.
    Those who denounce Wilders so much give in to their personal grudges against him and can't realize what he stands for, because if they did, they wouldn't have that ignorant attitude. Be glad there's at least one person in Europe who has the courage to stand up against the harsh realities of Islam, and tries to make us aware of what Islamization of a democratic country means. This trial is an example of what happens when leaders would rather stay politically correct than tackle the truth. At least Geert Wilders is no coward. He MUST win this case.