Prosecutor admits blunder over escaped pimp

23rd September 2009, Comments 2 comments

The public prosecutor's office in Arnhem says it was unaware that the prisoner is a violent and dangerous man.

Arnhem – The public prosecutor's office in Arnhem has confirmed media reports that it allowed an escaped convict to go on leave, without knowing he is a violent and dangerous man who is likely to escape.

A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office said it would never have recommended the court to allow the escaped prisoner, Saban Baran, to visit his wife and new-born baby if they were aware of the risks involved.

Baran, a Turk, was serving a seven-and-a-half-year-prison sentence for forced prostitution and human trafficking when he was granted a week of leave.

Baran was allowed unsupervised leave so he could spend time with his newborn baby. He was told to report to police every day but failed to do so on Friday. 11 September.

A report by the police was submitted to the public prosecutor’s office on Monday 14 September and an arrest warrant was issued a day later.

Trouw writes that Baran’s victims, who have been severely traumatised, are now terrified and have gone into hiding.

Sanne Kroon of Bonded Labour in the Netherlands, an organisation that helps victims of human trafficking, said Dutch justice system has been severely damaged by the incident.

Kroon told the paper that one victim called the organisation and said: "I've been living in hell because of what he did to me and he gets a week's holiday, I don't understand it".

The Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin will appear in the lower house of parliament Wednesday to explain the incident. The justice minister also said he wanted tighter regulations governing leave for prisoners.
The Civil Committee against Injustice headed by former MP Joost Eerdmans, has written to the supreme court urging it to sack the judges who granted Saban his leave.

The request is supported by Freedom Party MP Raymond de Roon, reports Dutch news agency ANP.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • ays posted:

    on 5th October 2009, 20:15:51 - Reply

    Come on! Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?!!! Whatever the consequences may be, it is important to guide this very principle: it's the only way to protect the individual from state oppression. democracy, remember?
  • S.J posted:

    on 23rd September 2009, 15:26:06 - Reply

    "The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity." - Voltaire