Priest arrested for cocaine smuggling

11th January 2008, Comments 2 comments

A priest has been arrested for cocaine smuggling at Schiphol Airport.

11 January 2008

SCHIPHOL – A priest has been arrested for cocaine smuggling at Schiphol Airport. The man had concealed packages containing three kilos of cocaine under his robes.

"It is the first time that we've arrested a clergyman at Schiphol for drug smuggling," spokesperson Rob Stenacker said Friday.

The priest, a Bolivian national, was caught when we refused to cooperate with a required search. The Marechaussee and customs were then called in, says Stenacker.

The man said he would not cooperate with the search on religious grounds. He said he was a high ranking religious leader in charge of a monastery in Bolivia.

When the Marechaussee finally searched the priest they found the packages fastened to his legs. The priest claimed it was holy sand but examination proved the packages contained cocaine.

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  • Nick posted:

    on 19th January 2008, 11:37:46 - Reply

    Dare I also ask the question, "what if it had been a person 'claiming' to be a moslem woman and asserting her 'right' to wear a burqua without search"?


    Would "she" even have been search?
  • PatrickS posted:

    on 19th January 2008, 11:32:29 - Reply

    Excuse me, but haven't you forgotten some basic journalism? Shouldn't it be "A man *claiming* to be a priest has been arrested...". Perhaps he was lying about that in the same way that he was lying about his *claim* that the stuff hidden and strapped to his legs was not "holy sand" but cocaine.

    I think it is just 'quick and easy' (and slack) journalism to just print the sensationalist headline "Priest arrested for cocaine smuggling".