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Who will the Dutch vote for today, while the plot gets thicker for Joran van der Sloot, Máxima’s father may be welcome at Willem-Alexander’s coronation, Christie’s is literally selling shit and KLM switches to English.

Well, there's no getting away from it. Today’s elections dominate the front… and some of the back pages today. As parties make last-ditch attempts to attract voters via page-size adverts. asks “Who are you voting for today?” Behind the headline is a blurry photograph of the next Dutch prime minister. The picture has been composed by placing portraits of the leaders of the eight main parties over one another. I’m afraid conservative VVD’s Mark Rutte’s glasses might be giving away the answer.   Trouw chooses quite a different picture to illustrate a voter in a seriously confused state, with a red pencil in his mouth, he bears his teeth and waves his arms in the air frantically. The pupils of his eyes have each been replaced by three black voting squares containing a white circle floating around. The Protestant daily asks whether voters are any the wiser for all the campaigning on television, radio, internet and social networks.   De Volkskrant places a photo of Mark Rutte next to one of Labour Party leader Job Cohen in what it dubs a neck-and-neck race. The paper focuses on the opinion polls, which put the VVD just three seats in the lead. The Christian Democrats hardly get a look in. Freesheet De Pers, shows Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende walking into the sunset with his knapsack over his shoulder. De Telegraaf says all the parties agreed on one thing in last night’s television debate. “Whatever you do, vote.”   The plot gets thicker for Joran van der Sloot Dutch national Joran van der Sloot is suspected of being involved in two other disappearances according to AD. Peruvian police sources say two Colombian girls, who were seen in Van der Sloot’s company, disappeared around the same time as he was there playing poker in casinos. The Colombian police refuse to confirm Van der Sloot’s alleged involvement in the cases, but they are looking into his movements while he was in the country. They have established that he managed to leave the country without being registered officially.   Trouw writes that Joran van der Sloot confessed on Monday to the murder of Peruvian woman Stephany Flores. Apparently she had seen information on his laptop pertaining to missing US high-school graduate Natalie Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba after a night out with Joran van der Sloot in 2005. “She didn’t have the right” Trouw quotes the murder suspect from Peruvian daily La República.   Trouw points out that the confession gives him a bit of breathing space and an opportunity to take legal advice. De Volkskrant reports that Van der Sloot’s confession may be false. His lawyer says he told his mother on the telephone that the Peruvian police had put him under huge pressure. According to De Telegraaf, the Peruvian police say he confessed after being confronted by a closed circuit television video showing only him leaving the room after entering it with Ms Flores. Trouw explains that in Peru a sentence for manslaughter is between six and 20 years. For murder he could spend up to 35 years in prison and if robbery took place he faces life imprisonment. Ms Flores’ jewellery and poker winnings are still missing. Meanwhile the Aruban authorities are eager to interview the Dutch murder suspect again.   Is Princess Máxima’s father welcome at a state affair? Princess Máxima’s father would be welcome at Prince Willem-Alexander’s coronation says Labour Party leader Job Cohen. No, Queen Beatrix hasn’t suddenly abdicated, he was speaking hypothetically in Dutch current affairs programme Nova. According to Trouw, conservative VVD leader Mark Rutte agrees with him for once. Although caretaker Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende disagrees, he says Mr Cohen was speaking too soon.

At the princess’ wedding in 2002, her father Jorge Zorreguieta was made to stay away, because of his past as a minister in Argentina’s Videla regime. There were fears that his presence would lead to demonstrations. Now Mr Cohen says “We have to respect Máxima and her need to involve her father.” The deal was made because the marriage was a state occasion, but Mr Zorreguieta did attend the christening of his granddaughters as these were private matters.

  The paper writes that Job Cohen undoubtedly knows what the royal couple’s feelings are on the matter. He, after all, married them and interviewed them for a women’s magazine. The former Amsterdam mayor told Nova that Willem-Alexander is ready to take the throne. Trouw wonders whether Mr Cohen hasn’t been too hasty in his judgement on this matter after all Zorreguieta’s past has not changed. But Princess Máxima is popular and that could make all the difference.   Is it art or is it just shit? Christie’s Amsterdam has sold artificially fabricated faeces for 7,500 euros, reports Trouw. Flemish artist Wim Delvoye sells his vacuum-packed excrement all over the world. So, yes, it is art says Christie’s which estimated the item would go for between 5,000 and 7,000. Apparently there was plenty of bidders.   The faeces is made in another art work by Delvoye, entitled Cloaca: a machine which imitates the workings of the human digestive system perfectly. You put food and drink in one end and get excrement out the other. This exhibit was made in 2001, but a year ago, Sotherby’s in London sold a Cloaca dropping for 14,500 euros.   When he presented the machine in 2000, the artist admitted his machine was useless, immoral and commercial. While people in Africa were starving, his machine enjoyed delicious meals. Delvoye says he wants to show the world how the capitalist system in the art world works. “We sell shit, because there is a demand for it.”   KLM drops Dutch AD reports that Dutch airline KLM has become a little less Dutch. From now on, safety instructions – you know that tedious ritual before take off – will only be given in English. While Air France continues to talk to its passengers in French and Lufthansa wouldn’t even think of not speaking German, a KLM spokesperson says “It’s an improvement” in Dutch of course. It gives the stewardesses more time to give more instructions because up to now they were always given in two languages. KLM thinks almost all passengers speak English and if they don’t they can ask the stewardess. Well, let’s hope KLM English doesn’t turn out to be double Dutch.


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    If Joran is innocent of hurting Natalee Halloway, as the police concluded, insanity very well could be responsible for the event in Peru. I hope he gets a fair trial in Peru. No one could have withstood the brutalization he and his family received from the media.