Press Review Tuesday 4 May 2010

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It's Remembrance Day today and Liberation Day tomorrow and all the papers cover the Second World War invasion, occupation and liberation in great detail.

AD opens with a photograph of Queen Beatrix with a Canadian World War II soldier, 86-year-old Harry Watts, after a remembrance ceremony at the Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek. The paper tells us that the cemetery is the final resting place for over 2,300 Canadian soldiers who died in the battle for the Rhineland in February and March 1945. opens its coverage with a photograph of a tree planted at Yad Vashem in honour of a Dutch couple who bravely hid a Jewish woman from the Nazis. The paper writes, "the war reaches pensionable age tomorrow, but 65 years on, the Second World War is still a sensitive topic". Trouw confirms the notion with its report that, although Germans are welcome at 33 remembrance services, the German ambassador to The Hague is still not welcome at the National Remembrance service in Dam Square in Amsterdam.   "Nine out of ten Dutch people who lived through WWII have reconciled with the Germans," says AD, quoting the results of a survey of 1,000 people. The same survey found that 80 per cent of the first post-war generation have also reconciled with the Germans but 33 percent of the 13 to 17-year-olds say there can be no reconciliation with Germany.   Ahmadinejad calls on the Netherlands to give up its nukes "Ahmadinejad provokes the West, Dutch delegation walks out of conference," headlines De Telegraaf above its article on the opening of a UN conference on nuclear proliferation. The paper writes, "The Iranian president launched into another vicious tirade and attempted to disrupt the conference," adding that he also called on the Netherlands to "give up its nuclear weapons".   The paper continues, the Dutch delegation walked out and Foreign Minister Maxine Verhagen condemned the Iranian leader, "his speech was a series of baseless and unacceptable accusations aimed at European countries, the US and Israel".   Union calls for higher unemployment insurance contributions AD reports that the Netherlands’ largest trade union confederation, the FNV, has called on the government to increase unemployment insurance contributions in order to "provide every employee with a training and education fund".   The paper says the FNV wants the measure "immediately implemented by the next cabinet". A senior union official tells the paper the measure "will reduce the rate of unemployment".   Football - again The country is football mad and all papers cover the mass celebrations in Enschede as the players and coaching team from FC Twente finally made into the stadium to celebrate their Premier League victory. "Tukkers in ecstasy," headlines AD’s sports section above a photograph of a massive crowd of cheering fans all waving red and white FC Twente scarves, hats and other club paraphernalia.   Trouw reports "Enschede was red for a day," and the celebrations were "good-natured". AD goes even further, "celebration had a South American feel to it," says the paper. A police spokesperson tells Trouw "there must have been at least 30,000 fans celebrating yesterday and it was just one big party".   Sexy politician competition AD reports that a Dutch magazine is holding a "sexy politician competition," and readers will be able to pick a winner, who will then be the "cover girl or boy" in Veronica's last edition in May. The mass circulation magazine managed to convince eight national political parties to take part in the competition.   Animal Rights party leader Marianne Thieme tells AD, "they do their best but this is the sort of thing that is right up Veronica's alley". The Christian Democrat's candidate for 'pretty pol' seems to be taking the whole thing quite seriously as she tells AD, "as a representative of the people, it is my job to try and put the party's views across in every possible medium, including a photo shoot. This is a wonderful idea," she gushes.   Some people will do anything to get your vote.


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