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News from the World Cup is the main item in most of the papers this morning and although the triumphant tone can still be heard in most stories, there is growing criticism of the style of football being played in South Africa. The Dutch team has been winning but it hasn't been very exciting to watch.

The coalition game being played out in The Hague has been far more exciting and the star political players are showing more flair and inventiveness than their counterparts on the football field.

Rosenthal investigates possibility of right-left coalition "Purple-plus joins Rosenthal at negotiating table," headlines Trouw on its front page, but the Protestant paper quickly qualifies the headline with "VVD, Labour, D66 and GreenLeft leaders invited for 10 o'clock meeting with Senator Uri Rosenthal to investigate the possibility of a coalition".

The paper writes that it is far from certain the parties will actually start coalition negotiations because VVD leader Mark Rutte, whose party won most seats in the 9 June elections, has repeatedly expressed serious doubts about a right-left ‘Purple’ coalition.

AD writes that D66 leader Alexander Pechtold plans to use this morning's meeting to "convince Mark Rutte of the advantages of Purple-plus". According to the populist tabloid, the proposed right-left coalition isn't one that has captured either the imagination or enthusiasm of voters; a recent poll revealed that just 30 percent of the public are in favour of this so-called Purple-plus option the plus being D66 and GreenLeft.

Joran van der Sloot's mother: my son's sick in the head "Joran's mother breaks years of silence. Exclusive interview," screams the front page headline in Saturday's De Telegraaf. "My son is sick in the head," Anita van der Sloot tells the right-wing broadsheet. De Telegraaf writes that she agreed to speak with the papers' team of special correspondents because, "the media have portrayed Joran as a monster, but that's not the whole story".

According to Mrs Van der Sloot, "Joran went to Peru in order to avoid being admitted to a closed ward in a psychiatric institution". She says her son had a breakdown after his father's death because "he blames himself".

Criticism of asbestos-free certificate for house sales At the weekend, Trouw published a leaked government report which concerns plans to require certification that homes built before 1994 are free of asbestos before they can be sold. According to Trouw, the report says homeowners would have to hire a qualified bureau to certify that the building is free of asbestos and it will cost "hundreds of euros".

The plan, by the ministries of justice and of housing, spatial planning and the environment, has been vehemently criticised by the Real Estate Agents and Private Sellers Association VEH as well as the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents.

Both organisations say the new regulations on asbestos could simply be added to current engineering reports that are already required for each building before it goes on the market. A VEH spokesperson tells the paper, "An asbestos-free certificate will be an absolute nightmare to regulate and authenticate".

Dutch through to the second round of World Cup "Orange first team through to next round," trumpets AD on its front page above a photo of a beaming Wesley Sneijder, celebrating after scoring in Saturday's match against Japan. The jubilant tone fades away after the first sentence: "The Dutch team's play has failed to impress so far".

It's an opinion that’s echoed by most of the other dailies. "It just doesn't excite," writes on its front page, and the paper wonders why so many teams are playing such dull football at the World Cup. But, as also notes, "boring football is good enough to get Orange through to the next round".

Trouw writes that striker Robin van Persie is the "most disappointing player so far," adding "the spark just isn't there". De Volkskrant sums up the Netherlands' victory over Japan as, "a sterile performance".

Victory riots There hasn't been much excitement on the football field, but some people got more than a little bit overexcited back home after the Netherlands beat Japan by one goal to nil on Saturday. AD says police and ambulance teams across the Netherlands were kept busy by celebrating Orange 'fans' at the weekend.

Riot police arrested 38 people in Hoogeveen after some 200 people pelted police with fireworks and bottles to celebrate the victory. Celebrations also get out of hand in The Hague and so-called supporters smashed windows and vandalised cars. If that's what the idiots get up to when we win, heaven help us all if we lose.  

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