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15 November 2005, AMSTERDAM — The opinion polls conducted by Maurice de Hond don't tally, two researchers from rival pollster TNS NIPO claimed on Tuesday.

15 November 2005

AMSTERDAM — The opinion polls conducted by Maurice de Hond don't tally, two researchers from rival pollster TNS NIPO claimed on Tuesday.

"The surveys by De Hond give a distorted picture. [The surveys] are not representative of the Dutch public, only of his respondents," TNS NIPO's Peter Kanne told newspaper 'De Volkskrant'.

The accusations were sparked by De Hond's poll last week on whether sacked Rotterdam alderman Marco Pastors could get elected to parliament in The Hague. According to De Hond 30 percent of the Dutch people thought Pastors would be an asset to national politics.

Pastors was sacked from the executive of Rotterdam City Council for making controversial comments about Muslims.

"This was the answer to a question which was tied to Pastors' comments about criminality among Muslims," Kanne and his colleague Remco Frerichs said.

"It was not mentioned that Pastors had been compelled earlier to promise not to make comments about Muslims because his colleague in charge of integration policy, Alderman Leonard Geluk, could not do his work if he did," the pair pointed out.

They claimed the phrasing of the questions was "not valid" and therefore the answers did not give a proper indication about the potential for Pastors in national politics.

Kanne said this also explained why De Hond gave crime journalist and aspiring politician Peter R. De Vries much higher public support than TNS NIPO.

De Vries has said his PRDV party will take part in the 2007 election if 41 percent of the people taking part in A TNS NIPO poll in December back the idea.

A poll published by De Hond on Tuesday put De Vries on 35 percent support. The last TNS NIPO poll gave him 24 percent.

De Hond has rejected the allegations.  "It is rabble-rousing by a competitor. If they think my research about Pastors is incorrect, they have to substantiate this will another survey," De Hond said.

Explaining the difference in relation to the support for De Vries, De Hond said:  "I didn't ask if people though (De Vries) was an asset. TNS NIPO did that. I only asked: Do you think he should go to The Hague (parliament)?".

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