Poll gives Freedom Party record seat numbers

18th July 2010, Comments 2 comments

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) would, if elections were held today, win a record 35 parliamentary seats: 11 more than it won in the June elections. That’s the finding of a national Maurice de Hond poll.

The extra seats would come mainly from voters for the conservative VVD: the party that won the most seats (31) in the elections. Of all those who voted for the VVD in June, said the pollster, just 65 percent would now repeat their vote. The poll saw the party sink from 31 to 23 seats.

Maurice de Hond questioned 2500 people via the internet on Saturday and Sunday. The 2500 represented a random sampling of the approximately 40,000 individuals who have registered with the polling company.

VVD leader Mark Rutte has been negotiating for the past two weeks with the Labour Party, D66 and Green Left about the formation of a coalition cabinet. However, another De Hond poll taken last week found that most VVD voters couldn’t see such a cabinet becoming a reality. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed called that a deception of the electorate.

The latest poll gives the Labour Party 27 seats, D66 11, and Green Left 12. With the VVD’s 23 seats, a coalition cabinet formed by these four parties would hold 73 seats. According to the poll, the only other coalition to hold more would be one between the VVD (23), Freedom Party (35) and Christian Democrats (18), with 76 seats.

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  • Tony posted:

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    What for heaven's sake happened to the article ...
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    Where's the article? Hasn't been muzzled I hope :-)