Police breakthrough in gangland killing

18th October 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dutch police say they’ve made a breakthrough in the murder of Willem Endstra. The ‘underworld banker’ was the victim of a notorious gangland killing in 2004.

At the time, fingerprints and DNA traces at the crime scene led nowhere. Now, seven years later, police have traced them to a 47-year-old Russian man. His extradition has been requested.

This development has in turn led to the re-arrest of two men in the Netherlands. They were originally suspects in the murder.

Police hope the new developments will lead to the identification of who was behind the murder.

Heineken The murdered man Willem Endstra was acquitted of money laundering in 2004 for lack of evidence. However, before he died, he secretly gave evidence to the police.

He told detectives that the group around Willem Holleeder had been responsible for “about 25” gangland killings. Holleeder became notorious after his involvement in the kidnapping for ransom of beer magnate Freddy Heineken for which he served 11 years’ imprisonment.

Tapes of Endstra’s evidence were later used to convict Holleeder of extortion for which he is currently in prison.

There has been persistent speculation that Holleeder ordered the killing of Endstra.

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