Poland warns against deporting its workers

4th July 2011, Comments 2 comments

“Deporting unemployed Poles and Eastern Europeans is dangerous”

Polish Economic Affairs Minister Waldemar Pawlak made this statement in an interview with Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Social Affairs Minister Henk Kamp wants to deport Eastern Europeans who do not speak Dutch and have no prospect of finding work.

Poland fears other countries may follow the Dutch example. The Polish government says the issue could strain relations if The Hague were to carry put its plans into effect.

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

2 Comments To This Article

  • Bob van der Poole posted:

    on 4th July 2011, 22:17:47 - Reply

    Can we deport Dutch people from Belgium back to NL? They come down here, refuse to speak French, drive up house prices, whine and moan endlessly.... I mean heaven forbid that there should actually be competition within the EU, and that people who are motivated to do good work for a decent price should actually be able to provide consumers with a choice.

    Kamp is a disgrace who's merely crapping all over his country's reputation for no gain. (As per usual with the VVD... Verdonk, Kamp, WIlders.... the list goes on.)
  • Richard Bonesworth posted:

    on 4th July 2011, 16:23:53 - Reply

    Poland needs to work on making its own country more attractive to work in and worry about its own afairs, and not worry about what is going on here. Get to modernizing the country instead of trying to interfere in other people's business. Provide opportunities for them so families don't have to be ripped apart to find work.