People in southern Netherlands more home-security conscious

People in southern Netherlands more home-security conscious

15th July 2014, Comments 1 comment

People living in Brabant and Limburg take more home security precautions than those elsewhere in the Netherlands because they feel less safe, says the national statistics office CBS.

Almost seven in 10 people in the two southern provinces have extra security locks on their front doors, compared with 64 percent of people in the north of the country.

They are also more likely to remove valuables from their cars and leave a light on when they are out in an effort to discourage burglars.

Three out of 10 southerners don't open the door in the evening, compared with two out of 10 people in the north.

This fear of being burgled is some what justified because the risk is higher in the south than in other parts of the country, the CBS says.



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  • carrico posted:

    on 15th July 2014, 13:28:20 - Reply

    But why is it riskier in the south?